“The hospital is an integral part of our community’s identity."

She is passionate about the people, the community spirit, its local businesses, and the various groups and associations that make up the fabric of its daily life. But perhaps most of all, Lois can’t say enough about the exemplary experiences she’s had at her local community hospital— Georgetown Hospital.

“I moved to Georgetown when I was one-year-old,” said Lois. “When I was young, we didn’t have a local hospital. We had volunteer ambulance drivers who would have to transport you to Guelph if you needed care. My father, John Elliott, was one of many volunteer drivers. You don’t realize until you have a local hospital, how important it is to a community.”

And so, in 1961, when the new Georgetown Hospital opened its doors, Lois and her family were ecstatic. “I sang at the opening of the hospital,” Lois continued. “The community really celebrated the hospital’s opening. It was a very important step in our community’s growth.”

And her enthusiasm for excellent local healthcare continued as she grew up and made her life in Georgetown with husband Al Fraser.

"Al was a pharmacist in town, and had a very strong interest in our local healthcare. He became the hospital Foundation’s first President, spearheading, along with his Board, the first fundraising efforts to provide leading-edge technology and equipment for Georgetown Hospital,” remembered Lois.

“We knew even then how important it was to put the best equipment into the hands of our local healthcare providers.” Fast forward to the 1980s and early 90s, Lois was thrilled to have four of her five children at Georgetown Hospital (her youngest was adopted from Romania).

“I loved having my babies there. I was always proud that our kids were born here in our hometown and, in 2018, our first grandchild, Andrew, joined in on the tradition as well.”

But life, of course, isn’t all positive and, in 2002, Lois also said goodbye to her mother, Norma Elliott, at Georgetown Hospital. “Mom was a huge supporter of Georgetown Hospital,” recalled Lois. “It was appropriate that she took her last breath there, in a place she loved and supported.”

Over the years, there have been many occasions for Lois and her family to use the hospital. “In every instance,” said Lois. “Georgetown Hospital has been about the people. Yes, we need to support the hospital to ensure the healthcare staff have access to the right equipment and technology, but there’s something about the people and the atmosphere at Georgetown Hospital. When you’re there, you know you are going to be taken care of.”

And, the tradition of generosity that Lois and her family have always had when it comes to supporting excellent healthcare in their local community, continues today.

“I’m a member of the Kiwanis Club, and our service club has raised more than $250,000 over the years for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation. Kiwanis knows that having great healthcare close to home is important.”

“The hospital is an integral part of our community’s identity,” finished Lois. “Not only does it provide access to local healthcare, it represents the value we place on each other as part of a community—the fact that we raise the funds required to put the right tools in the hands of our healthcare providers for our families, loved ones, friends and neighbours.”

- Lois Fraser, Patient, Georgetown Hospital