Estate Planning

Welcome to Estate Planning - Write your own story.

Thank you for your consideration in leaving a gift in your Will for the Georgetown Hospital Foundation (GHF).  We appreciate that you value the health of your community to want to continue your story beyond your lifetime. By planning now, you can make the most of your estate for your family and community.
We can’t predict how medicine will be practiced years from now, but putting GHF in your Will today will put the best equipment in the hands of our medical team at that time. Just as you benefit today from  others having put GHF in their estate plans.
Once you’ve reviewed your options here, a discussion with your family and advisors will determine your best course of action.
If you have questions while reading through the options, don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

For more information about how you can make a future gift to Georgetown Hospital, please contact:

Deborah Bauder
Associate Director, Gift & Estate Planning

Talk with Deborah about Legacy Giving