Your Dollars at Work

Providing exemplary patient care takes more than just the best medical team. Our healthcare professionals must have the right equipment to help patients in need of life-changing care.
As a community, we are responsible for funding virtually all of the medical equipment required for Georgetown Hospital.
 This past year, with the help of donors like you, the Georgetown Hospital Foundation supported the purchase of vital equipment and funded patient care initiatives.
Here is some of the essential equipment you helped fund:
  • Two Portable X-ray Units
  • Two Digital Radiography (X-ray) Units
  • Mini C-Arm Unit
  • CT scanner
  • Green light laser
  • TURP laser sets
  • GI suite monitor
  • Sentinel node probe
  • Haematology analyzer
  • Ultrasound unit
  • Glidescope system with pediatric baton
  • Low Temperature Sterilizer
Thank you