When it comes to rapid-onset illness, quick and accurate diagnosis can be a matter of life or death. Your donations helped us care for the Sage family in their time of need.

Friday, January 19 started out as a regular school day when I felt a sudden shortness of breath. Next thing I knew, I was in the emergency department at Georgetown Hospital. Following an X-ray examination, I was diagnosed with a collapsed lung and the doctor explained that they would need to insert a chest tube in an attempt to re-inflate my lung.

With my parents by my side, I had a chest tube inserted on the Friday evening, and was sent home with the plan to return on Saturday for an X-ray to confirm that my lung had re-inflated properly. Upon my return on Saturday, I was seen to quickly and learned that my X-ray showed that the lung collapse had worsened. On the following Monday, I had to have a larger chest tube inserted. It was a really unpleasant process, but I was lucky to have a great doctor looking after me.

My story’s ending is a happy one. I was ultimately transferred out of Georgetown Hospital after three days in the medical surgical unit to another regional hospital to undergo surgery to re-inflate my lung. I’m healing very well, and I’m happy to report that I attended my senior prom in the spring, marking the end of my high school days.

Over a period of five days, I needed eight X-ray examinations at Georgetown Hospital - and that number of X-rays is not a rarity for many other patients here in Halton Hills. I think that a lot of people take for granted that we have access to these services in our community, but I now know that it’s only possible with donor funds.

I want to say thank you to all of the donors that support Georgetown Hospital. Without your kindness, we wouldn’t have equipment like X-ray machines – the very X-ray machines that allowed my doctors to diagnose me, provide treatment, and help me to get better.

-Tyler Sage, Patient, Georgetown Hospital