Start Your Own Fundraiser

Here are some ways you can start your own Fundraiser to support Georgetown Hospital Foundation during these difficult times.

Many of you have been asking how you can help Georgetown Hospital.  We are grateful to all for your willingness to support our healthcare teams in their critical work.

Click here to start your own fundraiser in support of the Georgetown Hospital Foundation Response Fund. Contact Jeff Hoffman, the Associate Director of Philanthropy and Events at Georgetown Hospital Foundation, if you have any questions regarding your fundraising page.

One way you can express your gratitude for our hard working staff is by supporting this Facebook fundraiser in their honour.
And, if you are looking to set-up your own Facebook fundraiser, it is easy to do.  You can create your own fundraiser for Georgetown Hospital by:

1. Create a post and click “Support a Nonprofit”

2. Type in Georgetown Hospital Foundation and fill in your fundraiser details.

3. In the tell your story section, add your own information or use this information:  While many of us are practicing physical distancing to avoid spreading illness, Georgetown Hospital’s dedicated team of front line medical professionals are ready and are responding to this pandemic.  We are indebted to them and our hospital’s clinical leaders who are making a positive difference to the health of our community while ensuring the safety of all patients, staff, physicians, and volunteers. It has been heartening to hear the stories of our community members supporting one another. If you are looking to help our skilled and compassionate Georgetown Hospital healthcare providers, please donate to the Georgetown Hospital Foundation Response Fund.

4. Use the photo below and click Create.


We are grateful to all of our donors who are directing their gifts towards the priority needs of our hospital, which supports our healthcare teams in their critical work as we navigate this new reality. Our community spirit is strong, and we will get through this together.